Birth to Five: 4K Pre-Kindergarten For All (PKA) & 4K Extended Day/Year

The NYS Pre-Kindergarten For All program (PKA) is a State-funded program that provides educationally-based high-quality prekindergarten to four year old children. Since 1998, this program has played an important role in assisting districts and students in meeting higher educational standards. It has created an earlier entry point to education, assisted in the coordination between a wide variety of early childhood settings and public education and makes progress toward closing the achievement gaps at earlier grade levels. It has helped young children be better prepared to learn.

The PKA Program is researched based with the goal of ensuring that children receive an excellent educational beginning. Language and communication skills, creative and critical thinking skills, as well as the healthy development of large and fine motor skills, and optimal social-emotional development are integral components to a high quality program.  PKA school districts which are eligible to receive funding and participate in PKA can offer the program at school sites and in eligible agencies which have an early childhood program component, such as child care, Head Start, nursery schools, and non-public schools. PKA classrooms, regardless of the setting, provide purposeful, child-centered activities and age-appropriate instruction to ensure children’s active learning.

Our PKA Program provides:

  • NYS Certified Teachers
  • Physical Activity Indoor/Outdoor
  • Yoga (Relaxation/Breathing Techniques )
  • Breakfast & Lunch Served Daily
  • Bilingual Spanish Teachers in Every Room
  • Extended Day
  • Field Trips (Onsite/Offsite)
  • Parent Involvement Workshops