About Us

History of Sesame Sprout, Inc

Sesame Sprout, Inc. began operating in Corona, Queens in December, 1984. Our agency has grown and changed significantly since our inception and we are extraordinarily proud of the choices we have made and the paths we have taken. “Sesame” has always provided child care and early education services to neighborhood children and holds all applicable licenses and permits to do so. To better meet the needs of a broader range of children and families, we have also continuously operated an after-school program which provides age-appropriate support, programming and recreation for young students at the conclusion of their public school day.

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Sesame’s Vision and Mission:

Sesame Sprout, Inc. aims to prepare students to live successful, healthy and productive lives. We work to prepare them for later success in school and the larger diverse world community which awaits them. We work to build strong intellectual, emotional and social foundations for our students, never losing sight of supporting their joyfulness, creativity, spontaneity and love of learning. We dedicate ourselves to: developmentally-appropriate practices; individualization; nurturance; supporting the development of each student’s full potential; building competence and self-esteem in children; promoting pro-social skills and an appreciation of diversity. We work collaboratively with families and strive to ensure that our interventions meet the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.


Essential Elements of a Comprehensive Early Childhood Program

Sesame takes justifiable pride in their bright, clean, well-maintained space. Safety and health are signature priorities at Sesame. Our classrooms are attractive, well-equipped and encourage active learning. The space and furnishings are developmentally-appropriate and feature clearly delineated learning centers. Formal assessments of our classrooms document that they rank at the highest possible levels in terms of supporting student learning, especially in language and literacy. There is ready access to outdoor play space. Classrooms are print-rich, filled with examples of student work and evidence a high level of awareness and appreciation of diversity.