“Sesame Sprout is a great learning environment for its students. They have the most dedicated teachers I have ever encountered. Sesame Sprout is the perfect place to send your child if you want them to be looked after with the same care as they get at home. They have made a stay at home mom feel comfortable with letting her child go and be not just around children but loving adults as well. Not only is this school exceptional at teaching the children but they also exceed the limits of a clean and loving environment.” – Ms. Stewart

“My older son attended Sesame Sprout and thanks to the great effort of the teachers and therapists his language and social skills improved tremendously. My daughter is currently attending Sesame Sprout Universal Prekindergarten Program and has already displayed great progress. I would recommend this school to other parents without any hesitation.” – Ms. Alava


“I would recommend Sesame Sprout Prekindergarten to any parent seeking a program that provides children with individualized attention and motivation.” – Mr. Lopez

“I was highly impressed by the quality of the teaching. The teachers were consistently very caring, sensitive and astute. If my grandson develops serious developmental delays, Sesame Sprout would be in the very top echelon of special preschools I would consider. I think Sesame Sprout is one of the very best special preschools in the city, and a credit to New York City Preschool Special Education.” – Dr. Russell, Ph.D.

“The teachers at Sesame Sprout are not only technically knowledgeable and qualified in the administration of early education; they all appear to have the gift of patience and an abundant supply of compassion. I have worked with and observed the administrative staff of Sesame Sprout, all of whom are very cordial and extremely professional. I have often used their management style as a personal goal in hopes of achieving the same level of excellence I witness at Sesame Sprout Preschool.” – Mr. James Reid, Pres. Reid Systems, LLC