The Creative Curriculum™


Sesame Sprout School uses The Creative Curriculum™, a high-quality, research-based curriculum that provides learning goals and activities in fundamental areas of children’s development. The Creative Curriculum™ is aligned with the NY State Common Core Standards. The curriculum is project-based and is designed to foster the development of the whole child through teacher led small and large group activities.

Our preschool believes in the individuality of the children which is why our teaching staff plans for each child’s specific needs. We form partnerships with our families and the community, and the curriculum supports this.

When people visit our preschool they immediately notice how interactive our classrooms are. The classes are decorated with the children’s beautiful work; the amount of rich learning is evident. The rooms are set up in centers with specific functions in each one. These centers enrich children’s senses and allow them to engage with their peers and explore many mediums for learning. The children have the opportunity each day to experience these centers on their own during center time. During this time there is also teacher guided small group work that takes place. With all of these factors at work, the students of Sesame Sprout receive a positive learning experience by a professional and dedicated staff, as we understand that giving children a strong foundation of education will carry them throughout their education.

School Readiness Goals:

Our Universal Pre-K program follows Citywide School Readiness Goals. We have carefully and thoughtfully tailored these goals based on our children’s needs and the community they live. These goals describe the intended purposes and expected results from quality teaching and learning. In doing this we strive for meaningful and responsive relationships, experiences and interactions between the children and the teaching staff, as well as the parents.