Related Services

Sesame Sprout services children with the following disabilities which fall under the umbrella grouping of Preschool Student with a disability: speech delayed, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, physically and orthopedically impaired.

Our primary goals are to facilitate the realization of each child’s potential, to address existing delays, and to prevent further regression. Most importantly, Sesame Sprout’s ultimate aim is to provide opportunities that will ease a child’s transition into the least restrictive future school program where they will reach their optimal level of success.

Therapist goals are:

  • The therapist are required to establish professional partnerships with parents and provide consultation regarding their child’s development and strategies for encouraging optimum functioning; provide activities and suggestions for home follow up, communicate regularly by phone, through school notebook and/or parent meetings, provide updates on therapy progress and counsel parents on their issues of concern regarding their child motor and /or sensory development; prepare student portfolios and send home monthly.
  • They also provide all necessary case management services for students , including referral for review of the IEP, contacts with other providers outside the agency, including therapist, doctors, social workers , etc; provide any written documentation required of other systems, i.e., social security, etc.