Parent Program

With the growing number of children enrolled in Community Nursery Schools and their parent’s whether single or both Parents having a full time jobs or studying to become full time workers, there has been a demand on implementing a program specifically designed for parents as an integral component of school – home linkage.

At Sesame Sprout, it’s our job to serve these parents, whatever their family make up, whatever their life style.

At Sesame, it’s our goal to bring a stabilizing influence to all their lives by being reliable, trustworthy and sensitive to their changing needs.

At Sesame we have created a position of “Parent Coordinator” to communicate with the child and the parent in order to optimize the child’s environment.

Communication between the parent and the school is integral, therefore not only verbal, but also written communication is also done at Sesame via the Parent coordinator which may take the form of newsletters, memos, bulletin boards incident reports, monthly calendars and child evaluation.

In addition to communication, many educational activities are planned throughout the school year such as:
*Training workshops (Nutritional education, Reading for fun)
*Lending Library for parents, demonstrations of good early childhood practices such as teaching parents appropriate “reading to their child” techniques,
*Parent groups, job searches, assisting parents in accessing the internet for relevant resources and planning interactive activities.