Celia A Exelbert, Ed. M.

Program Director


Celia Exelbert has worked in the education field for 30 years. As an educator and special educator, she has worked with students diverse in age, ethnicity, need and ability. She has consulted with local preschools to construct supports to enable children with diverse learning needs to succeed educationally and socially in the classroom. She has provided family training to support families in meeting the needs of their children in the home environment.

Her areas of interest are child and adult development, equity in schools, and parallel learning cultures that enrich both children and adults. She has also presented professional development workshops on many topics, including ‘Universal Design for Learning and Differentiation’, ‘Case Study: Protocols for Effective Teaching’, ‘Emergent Play During Center Time: How to Infuse the Curriculum into What a Child Loves’, and ‘Using Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment Tools to Determine, Target and Improve Deficits in Different Learners’, and ‘How Educators Can Create a Bilingual Preschooler’. She is a proud product of New York City schools who works daily to improve her Spanish, with the help of Sesame Sprout School’s wonderful families and faculty.